Privacy Activity

The evolution of Web technologies has increased collection, processing and publication of personal data. Privacy concerns are raised more often as applications built on the Web platform have access to more sensitive data — including location, health and social network information — and users' activity on the Web is ubiquitously tracked. The W3C Privacy Activity coordinates standardization work to improve support for user privacy on the Web and develops general expertise in privacy-by-design for Web standards.

Privacy Interest Group

The group monitors ongoing privacy issues that affect the Web, investigates potential areas for new privacy work, and provides guidelines and advice for addressing privacy in standards development.

Christine Runnegar (Internet Society) and Tara Whalen (Google) are co-chairing the group. Sam Weiler (W3C) is the Team Contact.

Want to learn more? Please join the group and the mailing list. (Non-Members may join the group as public Invited Experts.)

PING homepage


Please contact the W3C staff with questions or suggestions for these groups or W3C privacy work.

Tracking Protection Working Group (closed)

Past events

W3C Workshop on Permissions and User Consent

25-27 September 2018, San Diego, California; Workshop homepage

W3C Workshop on Privacy and User-Centric Controls

20-21 November 2014, Berlin; Workshop homepage

Next steps on trust and permissions for Web applications

3-4 September 2014, Paris; Workshop homepage

Workshop on Strengthening the Internet

28 February - 1 March 2014, London; Workshop homepage

Workshop: Do Not Track and Beyond

26-27 November 2012, Berkeley; Workshop report

Tracking Protection Working Group Face-to-Face Meetings

Workshop on Web Tracking and User Privacy

28-29 April 2011, Princeton; Workshop report

Federated Social Web Summit Europe

On Social Web interoperability, standards and privacy
3-5 June 2011, Berlin: Workshop site

Internet Privacy Workshop (IAB/W3C/ISOC)

8-9 December 2010, MIT; Workshop homepage

W3C Workshop on Privacy and Data Usage Control

4-5 October 2010, MIT; Workshop homepage

W3C Workshop on Privacy for Advanced Web APIs

12-13 July 2010, London; Workshop homepage

W3C Workshop on Access Control Application Scenarios

17-18 November 2009, Luxembourg; Workshop homepage

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